Last week (see http://artandzentoday.com/?p=5038      ) I posted the first of a series of musical pieces that incorporate “messages” or “lessons” that I would like to incorporate into my life.  The idea is that perhaps these messages will have a greater impact on me if they are embedded  into music that I helped create  ( along with my brother, James).  The newest release deals with a subject that I especially have been resistant to hearing.  I would be interested in hearing from you about how you react to “Impermanence”.

Here again are the suggestions for listening to this series of music.  I would especially recommend the idea of moving while listening.  This may take the form of what we usually call “dancing”, but it may also involve simply swaying your body or tapping your foot as you sit and listen.  There is evidence that this makes the listener a more active participant in the hearing process.

Here are some suggestions for listening:

1) Play the music when you have enough time to mindfully listen without worrying about being distracted by other issues.

2) Use whatever rituals you usually use when preparing  to move out of the  flow of ordinary life.

3) The music was especially created to be heard through headphones.  Try to avoid earplugs, if possible.

4)  As you listen, focus on your bodily reactions (i.e. sensations, feelings, emotions etc., whether positive or negative) rather than the meaning of what you are hearing.

5)  Try listening to the piece more than once be open to having different experiences with each exposure.  Try dancing/moving while you listen!



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