Over the past month I received numerous announcements that artists were invited to submit work for consideration by the curators of the 2014  International Artexpo  in Spain.  I usually ignore such calls for submissions but the description of the theme for this year’s exhibit captured my interest: Borderland – Hidden Identities & Forbidden Desires

The reason my interest was piqued is that this was the first exhibit where I felt my video “Modern Mud Men” might fit in.  Apparently the curators felt that way also because the video was accepted to be shown.  The exhibit will be held in Zaragoza (Spain) at Club Nàutico De Zaragoza, from the 05 to the 13 of April 2014, and in Almeria (Spain), at MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, during the 11 and the 26 of April 2014 (video screening only).  Since I realize that most of my readers have probably already booked their annual trips to Europe for this year, I made arrangements for you to see “Modern Mud Men” free on this site.

Mud Men of New Guinea

The “Modern Mud Men” video came about after I read a review of a video that someone made about the Mud Men of New Guinea (see picture above).  I set out to try to find this video on the internet but never found it.  What I did find instead are the self-recorded video clips that make up “Modern Mud Men”.  This video is a composite of mostly self-recorded experiences of men enjoying the sensual/auto-erotic pleasures of wallowing in mud.  It provides a rare look at men engaging in an activity that seemly allows them self-indulgent pleasures usually reserved for females. Although I found videos of women wallowing in mud on the internet, they were never alone and do not display the earnestness of the men shown in these clips. In most cases the enjoyment of mud is carried out away from the public’s eye and yet the videos were made public.  The original music that accompanies the video was inspired by the strangeness and yet naturalness and beauty of this kind of play.  Click on link below:

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5 thoughts on “MODERN MUD MEN

  1. From my first viewing of Modern Mud Men , I knew it was destined for greatness… i would love to be there for the viewin in Spain to capture the audience reaction !

  2. There is some primitive fear about about playing in the muck that is probably related to the bad critters that might be living there. This film contradicts that fear with sensual and welcoming movements of the subjects while the music supports caution. Interesting.

  3. Good for you!!!! And thanks for making it available in the States. We will be attending Oktober Fest in Bavaria this fall, and in Greece in May, so really cannot make another trip to Europe this year. (Ha, ha, ha) (If we can’t afford to visit Disney Land, Sea World, and Balboa Park, we surely can’t afford Europe!) Your work deserves to be seen everywhere! Congrats on getting it into Europe. The Louvre is next! Linda

  4. Manoj, I’m really stoked you’re getting this kind of reception for you phenomenal, cutting edge work! And just think, we got to see it here first.

    Will you be going to Spain? I hope so!