In the LA Times today, art critic Christopher Knight reviews an exhibit at the Hammer Museum called “Stories of almost Everyone”.  The intent, apparently, is to make the viewer aware of the stories that inevitably attach themselves to pieces of art.  Knight describes the premise of the show as follows:

...we have a tendency to project stories onto inanimate objects, including works of contemporary art…..The objects demand a suspension of disbelief”.

The exhibit consist of various pieces and performances of  “Conceptual Art”.  Knight does not like the show and from how  I read his critique, he appears to be suggesting that “conceptual art” is probably not the best way to go if you want to get around the “concepts” surrounding art.

Above is a photo taken at a recent art exhibit near YOU.  The name of the exhibit is “Introducing Non-Conceptual Art: No Stories Necessary”.  I’m unclear, from the photo, whether the object in the exhibit is the: 1) art piece, 2) the artist or 3) the audience.  Hummmm.  Could it be “all of the above”?

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