Stephen and Ondrea Levine

In my last post “An Incantation to Time’s Disintegration of Memory: The Art of Gwyn Henry”, we began to move into the matter of “impermanence” which is a key concept in Buddhist understanding and practice.  In future posts, I  will be exploring impermanence further through my art.  For now, we turn to a lecture,  by artist and philosopher William Leslie which I video taped at at The Vista Zen Center last November.  His talk focuses on the work of Stephen Levine.  For over thirty-two years, Stephen and his wife Ondrea  provided emotional and spiritual support, from a Buddhist perspective, for those who are life-threatened, and for caregivers. They are the authors of numerous books, including Who DiesEmbracing the Beloved, and A Year to Live, among others.

 Stephen Levine died in January 2016 and William’s talk is titled “Remembering Stephen Levine.  You can watch the video of this talk by clicking on the link below.  The talk itself is only about 19 min. long; the remainder of the video captures the discussion that followed.


William Leslie’s background includes degrees in physics and philosophy.  He served as an infantry soldier in Vietnam and as a Peace Corps Volunteer in India.  Presently, he teaches philosophy at Palomar College in the San Diego area and maintains a small studio in his home producing “Lightsculptures” for homes, restaurants, hospitals, businesses and religious institutions throughout the country. His work can be seen at:


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