In my last blog (some time in the distant past) I promised to delve further into the topic of active or mindful listening.  I still want to do this but in the meantime, this music video came about (see  below).  It was inspired, in part, through reading Zen Master Dogen, but it is not necessarily a “zen video”.  Like everything else (art or otherwise) this video is something that is available for engaging mindfully if you want to.  It’s up to you.  I’d suggest using stereo headphones and watching when you are not busy with other stuff.


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  1. Thanks David. I did the music and the video separately some time ago and just last week had the thought that they might work together. Regarding your other remark (if I am understanding you correctly) ; I ended the video before the music intentionally, hoping to convey the notion that when WE end, “the beat goes on”.

    A “pity”? Yes. As Dogen wrote:
    “Yet, though it is like this, flowers fall amid our longing and weeds spring up amid our antipathy”

    • From Utube. As I recall it was a quick morph of that guy’s pictures taken over a lifetime.
      I had to slow it down considerably which accounts for the quirky nature of the morphs But
      it sort of works because he sometimes looks like he is speaking the words in the music.