Today’s post is just a video entitled “What is it (Marcel Duchamp)?”
After Duchamp tried to submit a urinal as a sculpture to a pretigious art show in 1917, the art world was never the same.
Several scholars have argued that Duchamp was a closet Buddhist and my video tries to make the case that his submission
of the urinal as a piece of art is a pure expression of Zen.  Please watch the video when you are not distracted by other things
and see if you agree.  The link below will take you to the video on youtube.  If an advertisement comes up, you can skip it and go straight
to the video but, oddly, the one I saw was sort of amusing and seems to fit with the video.  If possible listen through headphones
to maximize the stereo quality of the music.
Click below to go to Youtube to see the video.

One thought on “WHAT IS IT (MARCEL DUCHAMP)?

  1. “Well, You, certainly found (a Way) to piss your time away. I imagine You’re In All The Best Urinals from Germany to the Vatican to Vista. Sort of like marking your territory, I guess. I have to admit I’m a little unsure of hanging out with you. Men’s restrooms just Art Not My Style. I can see, however, this is a continuation of your obsession with flow. Be careful where you aim that thing!”